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student spotlights

Listen to our clients share their perspectives on why DanceFam Studio and Fellowship of the Arts is the right creative outlet for them!

staff perspectives

Hear our talented professionals talk about their craft, their passion, and the reason why they love being part of DanceFam Studio culture and the Fellowship of the Arts initiative.

student spotlights

Carla gilenko

Carla Gilenko joined DanceFam in May 2020, when the loneliness of quarantine prompted her to join our Acting & Characterization class ... she had us all enthralled with her very first monologue from the start! Carla throws herself into everything she does with positivity and determination to grow. Her big talent is only overshadowed by her huge heart. Check out her perspective on the classes she's taken so far.

Nick Malusky

Nick Malusky, owner of Ballroom by Nick, specializes in creating ballroom-dance fundraising events in the vein of "Dancing with the Stars" in Davenport, IA; Cleveland, and Indianapolis. He joined the DanceFam community in spring of 2020 when he participated in an online dance challenge, and we are so thankful for his warm heart, willingness to try anything, and ability to find fun in all situations. 

Marty Velasco

A personal trainer and small business owner, Marty Velasco joined Fellowship of the Arts the summer of 2020 as a way to hone his public speaking skills and build relationships in our creative community. The Fitness Edge owner now also teaches FoA's Body by Marty virtual home fitness class, a weekly workout designed to keep your body in performance shape from the comfort of your home.

staff perspectives

Robbie Barnes discusses the evolution of our acting & characterization classes